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Angel Blockchain Free & Easy Money Making, Proven Paying! Get Free Mining Machine Here

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Introduction to TSB/IDR Withdrawals

1. The bank card must be bound first when withdrawing money.

2. Withdrawals will arrive in 3-5 minutes.

3. Members can withdraw money once every hour.

4. Withdrawal time is 10:00-24:00.

5. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50TSB.

6. Selling TSB is automatically converted into IDR, and you can immediately withdraw money to your bank card account.

7. Members are prohibited from trading cryptocurrencies privately, and be careful not to be deceived

8. The platform is not responsible for members who are deceived in private transactions.

What is Angel Blockchain? is a website that provides the best Blockchain information services, Virtual currency investment, mining technical support. This website also provides a virtual currency trading service feature.

This Blockchain website provides about 4 (four) virtual currencies, namely TSB, BTC, ETH and USDT. However, the main virtual currency used on this website is BST.

What is BST (BlockStamp)

BlockStamp (BST) is a new digital currency meant to store user data on the blockchain. The goal is to create a new, fast and effective blockchain that can be used to timestamp trusted documents. Currently, the BlockStamp blockchain is used as the core of the online gaming platform. Future uses will include timestamps dedicated to banking, DNS and other purposes.

How to Register Angel BlockChain

How to register or register a new account registration?

Register link :

Here's the Angel BlockChain list tutorial

Please open the registration link

Then fill in and complete the information Register account

Enter active phone number

Enter verification code

Enter the password

Please confirm or enter the password again

Enter the Angel Blockchain invitation code:  UFHXDODL

Click the Register account menu

In the requested telephone number information section, please enter the telephone number directly starting from the number 8, not from the number 0.

How to Earn Angel Blockchain Money

How to make money from this Angel Blockchain?

As explained earlier, to be able to make money from this website you need to invest in mining machinery equipment. There are as many as 10 kinds of mining machines that you can find on this website.

You can use all mining machines for investment and get the benefits. Each machine has a different price, active period and profit, the higher the equipment, the greater the commission you can get.

Each member who successfully registers can buy one mining machine tool for free and determined. So, this Angel-Blockchain website provides tools that can be tested by users. 

The free mining meih equipment is the B0 Free Mining Machine. This machine has an estimated income of 1-5 BST in a day, has an active period of 3 days, working hours 1 time/day and a price of 50 TSB. The price referred to here is that you must have a balance of 50 TSD to be able to use the mining machine equipment.

To activate the mining machine is quite easy, you only need to press the Start menu on the machine tools you already have, then a time will appear that counts down for 24 hours. This means that if it has been up to 24 hours, the machine will stop working and will give you a commission of income.

Machine tools can be reactivated as long as the active period of the machine is still there. Please refer to the following tutorial on activating Angel Blockchain machine tools.

Login to account

Open the JOBS menu

Then there is your mining machine

Please click the Home menu

Then the machine will be activated immediately.

How to buy mining machines on this website?

To buy Angel Blockchain machine tools is quite easy, but for new members it is better to just try it first, which is to claim free equipment. Even though the machine tools are free you can still make money.

Meanwhile, to purchase higher machine tools, you must have a sufficient amount of TSD coins. If it turns out that you don't have enough TSB coins, you can top it up first.

Check out the following how to buy an Angel Blockchain mining machine:

Login to account 

Open the Mall menu

Select the type of mining machine you want to buy, by clicking Buy

Next enter the quantity/number of mining machines you want to buy, which is between 1-10 machines

Next please enter the password

Finally click the Buy Miner menu

Make sure the balance is sufficient, otherwise the purchase transaction will not be processed at all. If the balance you have is not enough, you can follow the tutorial below.

How to Buy BST Blockchain

Check out the following tutorial for buying BST virtual currency:

Login to account

On the main page click the Buy virtual currency menu

Then click the Purchase menu

Enter the amount of BST quantity. The minimum if converted is Rp. 50,000

Then choose a top-up method, whether using OVO or Permata Bank

Then click OK menu

Next please make payment on the method provided.

If the transaction has been made then you just need to wait for the BST balance to enter your account. If it turns out that the balance has not been entered, please contact the service department to confirm the problem.

Cara Withdraw Angel Blockchain

How to withdraw money from this Angel-Blockchain website?

BST withdrawal can be done very easily. However, before withdrawals are made, you should bind the bank card first, such as entering the name of the bank account, account number and type of bank used.

For the minimum BST withdrawal if converted into IDR 25,000. After all the information and withdrawal requirements are complete, you can now withdraw the balance.

Here's the Angel Blockchain withdrawal tutorial:

Login to account

On the main page, click the Sell virtual currency menu

Fill in the amount of BST to be withdrawn

Then click OK menu

Then please enter the password

Notes :

Due to the characteristics of the blockchain, the withdrawal must be tied to the payee's bank card in advance, and the withdrawal will arrive in 1-5 minutes.

Withdrawal time 10:00-24:00 day